New ‘old’ owner

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Hi! I’m Eli – you might remember me as one of the past owner of the site- I took over the site again and from now on I ‘ll be the one in charge of bringing you the latest on Reese. I’m planning on making a gallery update – uploading all the missing photos – […]

Reese Fan Reopening & new layout!!

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Hi everyone! Finally! Reesefan is reopened, a new/old owner, a new layout and much more! My name is Aniek and I used to be one of the owners of ReeseFan! I took the site back thanks to Gertie fromĀ Fan Sites Network! Thanks to the owners after me for taking such good care of the site. […]

Month and a half break

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Hey people! In a month I’m starting my finals at college. for that reason I’m going to take this month and a half to focus on that, as it’s my priority right now. This means that I won’t be updating the site on a daily basis, BUT I will make updates if something important happens […]

New Owner

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Hi I’m Eli, the new owner of REESE WHITHERSPOON FAN. from now on I am going to be in charge of updating this site and bring you the latest on Reese. I really hope to see you all around.

You may probably wonder, where did Reesefan go? For some reason the domainname expired and it took some time before it was renewed. Anyway, I am so sorry it took so long. I added scans of Reese in Marie Claire Magazine from this month and setpics of Reese and Chelsea Handler on the set of […]