And the photocall of Hot Pursuit took place too yesterday in Mexico. Sofia and Reese both looked gorgeous. Enjoy the HQ pictures I added to the gallery.

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Public Appearances > Events From 2015 > Jun 23: “Hot Pursuit” Mexico Photocall

Sofia and Reese were in Mexico for the Hot Pursuit Premiere. Enjoy the few HQ images I found and added to the gallery!

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Public Appearances > Events From 2015 > Jun 22: “Hot Pursuit” Mexico City Premiere

Another interview for Reese and Sofia during the mexican promotion of Hot Pursuit.

Sofia and Reese just landed to Mexico to promote more of Hot Pursuit on the mexican tv show Noticieros Televisiva. I grabbed the interview of it and added to the site. Enjoy!

Australian issue of Marie Claire has got Reese as their july covergirl. Enjoy the HQ scans I added to the gallery!

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Magazine Scans > Scans From 2015 > Marie Claire (Australia) – July

The last film Reese Witherspoon produced was “Hot Pursuit”, the “Midnight Run”-like comedy caper which she starred in opposite Sofia Vergara. The film was also produced in partnership with Pacific Standard’s Bruna Papandrea, and it looks like the relationship is still going strong.

Variety reports that Witherspoon will next be producing, along with Papandrea, a film adaptation of novelist Maureen Sherry Klinsky’s “Opening Belle”, for Warner Bros. The novel tells the semi-autobiographical story chronicling the comedic struggles of a mother of three attempting to balance parental responsibilities with a full-time career on Wall Street, partially based on Klinsky’s own experiences working as a Managing Director at Bear Stearns. To raise the stakes even higher, the book is also set against the backdrop of the financial crisis of 2007-2008 that was triggered primarily by subprime mortgage lending.

Witherspoon is also planning to star, possibly making her a unique and compelling “She-Wolf of Wall Street” character that breaks ground in a traditionally and predominantly male-dominated profession, just like her portrayal of Elle Woods in the “Legally Blonde” series of films. So, “Economically Blonde” perhaps? Guess we’ll see.