Hey guys.Hope you all caught Reese on last nights Jonathan Ross show! What did you think? For those who missed it I’ve posted the video below and caps into the gallery :) Enjoy!

I just added a new-ish exclusive photoshoot into the gallery,this shoot was taken at the beginning of the year so isn’t that old but not quite new either.Reese looks beautiful dont you think? As you can see I’m doing my best to make this your #1 source for Reese,so if you have any suggestions,please let me know :)

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Sorry for the delay in getting these up,but I’ve added caps of Reese’s interview on GMTV the other day in the gallery and the video below this post.Unforuntately the caps arent HD since I had trouble with the HD video but they are still pretty good quality. Enjoy!

Fresh from her rather embarrassing mix-up at the hands of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Reese Witherspoon put herself forward for more punishment from another British institution – Jonathan Ross.

The 33-year-old actress appears on Ross’ chat show tonight, alongside Gordon Ramsay and Russell Brand.Wearing an elegant lace number, Reese told the chat show host that she wasn’t offended when Gordon Brown mixed her up with Hollywood star Renee Zellweger, 40.

‘It’s ok, I understand because we get mixed up a lot; there’s worse people to be confused with,’ she says.

Brown’s gaffe came as the Walk The Line star was a guest in Parliament yesterday as part of her work as a global ambassador for cosmetics firm Avon’s campaign against domestic violence.

‘I’m very grateful that Renee Witherspoon is leading this campaign,’ Mr Brown told baffled MPs, as he paid tribute to Reese Witherspoon’s work.

Digging an even deeper hole, the Prime Minister then recalled how movingly Miss Witherspoon had spoken last year at a memorial service for film director Anthony Minghella, at which he had also been a guest.Which would have been fine, of course, had it not been Bridget Jones’s Diary star Renée who spoke at the service.Mr Brown’s mix-up occurred as he was replying to Labour’s Lynda Waltho (Stourbridge), who asked the Prime Minister to congratulate Miss Witherspoon’s success in spearheading Avon’s joint international drive against violence in the home with the Refuge charity.

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Reese will be on the UK chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross tonight at 22.35 pm on BBC1. be sure to tune in if you can! Ill have caps and clips tomorrow. The GMTV caps from the other day will be up soon but Im having a problem with the video at the moment.